1. Hot air balloon

The number one highlight of Cappadocia – the hot air balloon ride. I know it might sound cliché and touristy, but trust me, you will Thank me later. Make sure to ask someone to take a photo of you standing in front of the hot air balloon either before you take off or right before they take it down.

2. Watch the sun rise over Cappadocia

Although waking up at 4 am in the morning might be a little rough, but I promise you it’s worth it in the end. Let yourself get hypnotized by the beautiful landscape that lies below you in a hot air balloon, and watch the sun rise as you drift gently over the rock formations and valleys – it will leave you breathless.


3. Take selfies

Take as many photos or selfies and videos while you can. The hot air balloon ride only last for about half an hour, and before you know it, you’re already on the ground wishing you can do it all over again.


4. Admire hot air balloons from afar

Traveling with a friend or a loved one? Make sure to spend a morning admiring the hot air balloons from a distance. Rent a car or call a taxi and make them take you to the highest valley as possible. Remember to bring some blankets, it can be chilly.

5. Stay in a cave hotel

Be sure to make your stay as unique as possible. Discover Elika Cave Suites – one of the most opulent cave suites in Cappadocia with a top class service. You can read more about my stay there in this hotel review.


6. Order a Turkish Breakfast Plate

Tired of the regular breakfast buffet? Try the Turkish breakfast plate. This delicious meal consists of white bread, börek, black and green olives, jam, butter, honey, sliced tomatoes and cucumbers, including a wide variety of white and old cheese.

7. Buy a Turkish carpet

The place to buy a carpet is in eastern Turkey. In fact Cappadocia is known to be the best region to buy a Turkish rug. Finding the perfect carpet or kilim might be a challenge, so make sure you spend enough time looking for a suitable one for your home.


8. Visit Sultan Carpets

The store is a tourist attraction itself, especially for travel bloggers. Remember to bring your camera with you and take at least a photo in this very same spot!

9. Go for an ATV ride in the valleys

Explore the extraordinary Cappadocian landscape on an ATV bike. Exciting adventures over the beautiful hills and valleys awaits whether you choose a half or a full-day escorted tour. And oh, just so you know by the end of the trip you will be covered in dirt.

10. Watch the sunset

Watch the sun set after an ATV ride. Remember to bring thick jacket with you. It can be chilly at night, especially during fall.


11. Explore the Underground Cities

The Derinkuyu Underground City is the deepest underground city in the area and extends 60m deep into the volcanic rock.