Whether you’re visiting Hong Kong for the first time like myself for a weekend getaway or just staying overnight, make the most of it. It’s impossible to do everything, but there are plenty of entertaining things to do that shouldn’t be missed.

1. See the view from Victoria Peak

Victoria Peak is not only known to be the highest point on Hong Kong Island, rising 550 meters above sea level, it’s also known to be Hong Kong’s most visited spots by tourists offering the best panoramic view of the city skyline.

Whether the view is better during the day or at night is debatable. If you’ve set aside more time during the evening like I did,  avoid the viewing platform area as it’s usually overcrowded.


2. Do the Peak Circle Walk

Hike round the 3.5km Peak Circle Walk to get an amazing bird’s eye view of the vibrant metropolis. Most people would pay the extra for the rooftop terrace. The circle walk is not only for free, it’s also visually exciting and easy for tourists to access.


5. Eat noodles and dim sum

Restaurants are on every street corner in this city. Chinese noodles are made from either wheat flour, rice flour or mung bean starch. Exploring noodles in Hong Kong would be equivalent to exploring the world of pasta in Italy.

Dim sum is the pride of traditional Cantonese dining and are made up of small plates or baskets of delicate dumplings. Most of it is steamed, like my favorite shrimp dumpling (“Ha Kau”). These bite-sized

Hong Kong is without a doubt one of the best places to sample the flavours – and the good news is, vegans and vegetarians don’t have to miss out.


You’re never too old for Disney. This is my second visit to a Disneyland theme park and as you probably can see from the picture – I enjoyed it. The park is easily accessible via the MTR’s Disneyland Resort Line.

If you’ve been to either Disneyland in Paris or Los Angeles, don’t have high expectations as you might get disappointed. The size of the park is relatively small in comparison. Families with children love it, but some adults may find this park boring and overpriced.

A few years from now Hong Kong Disneyland will be adding two new themed lands with multiple new attractions and live entertainment.

4. Get lost in a street market

If shopping is on the list there are countless of street markets to explore or get lost in. To experience local life in Hong Kong, the street markets are worth a visit.