About Stephanie Louvelle

A TRAVEL & LIFESTYLE BLOG by Oslo based Blogger & Luxury hotel reviewer, Stephanie Louvelle.

Featuring fashion photos, events, store openings and more.

Stephanie Engebråten Louvelle, a twenty seven year old fashionista of Norwegian, Filipina, Spanish and Finish descent created The Strawberry Brunette when she lost her father to cancer in February 2012. She struggled with depression and how to handle everyday life after her loss. «Writing down my feelings and thoughts on a blog without being interrupted was in fact therapeutic, it made me feel better. My heart won’t fully heal from such a traumatic experience, but eventually as years go by I will feel more and more comfortable living with this painful loss.»

As the years went by the blog focused more on fashion and travel related projects. As a result of hard work Stephanie was very fortunate to collaborate with outstanding people in the fashion industry, from small boutiques just getting started to more well known companies and brands.

In 2012, Stephanie was featured on Just Another Fashion Magazine’s 14th issue and appeared countless of times on different social media platforms. Stephanie also became a stylist and model for a Japanese brand. And in 2013, The Strawberry Brunette was nominated as The Newcomer of the Year at Vixen Blog Awards.

Stephanie has close partnerships with the hotel industry based on her travel tales and has been fortunate to collaborate with many of Europe’s and Asia’s finest hotels.

In February 2017, The Strawberry Brunette now Strawberry Brunette was re-launched with a new improved look and feel. «The point of it was to give my readers more of a magazine-like feeling. I want them to feel good and inspired whenever they leave my blog.» In 2016, Stephanie got her dream job – she’s now traveling full time. «That’s also why I choose this layout – juggling between my job and blog might sometimes be challenging, leaving me with so little time and so much to do. The best solution would be to focus on writing a great blogpost rather than random ones».

Strawberry Brunette is now an insight into a never ending journey of reviews of places, hotels and brands. «Some people keep asking me where the name comes from. The Strawberry Brunette came from a touching moment I had with my dad. Before he passed away he was too weak to eat. He didn’t have an appetite. On a Wednesday afternoon when I got back from the store, I made myself some strawberries dipped in chocolate at the hospital. While eating my dad was looking at me, as if he wanted some too. Do you want some dad? I kindly asked. He nodded. Dad had the strawberry in his mouth like a candy, although he couldn’t chew it, eventually it went down. Two days later he passed away..»

For any questions, inquiries or collaborations do not hesitate to contact stephanie@thestrawberrybrunette.com