Hi loves, how are you? Me, I’m doing fine. I just finished wrapping Christmas presents. I have only a few ones left to buy and some Christmas Cards to write before I can say I’m done with Christmas shopping this year. For the first time in a long time after my father’s death, I truly feel the Christmas Spirit. The following years after his demise I didn’t feel like celebrating Christmas. Not because I didn’t want to, but because the one who made Christmas feel complete and special was not there anymore. Christmas was just a reminder of that painfulness feeling.

The Magic Wand

This year something incredible happened. Christmas waved a magic wand over my world. Everything is more softer and more beautiful. I feel the Christmas spirit in my bones. It feels great. I let myself feel this joy again, this joy that I used to have from when I was a child. The same joyful feeling from when my dad used to be around.

I loved the holidays. I always did, I just forgot. I was too caught up with the fact that my dad was no longer here with me that I forgot how happy Christmas made me feel. I remember we used to decorate our house already in October. That was the best time of the year aside from summer. My Christmas was always filled with laughter, good memories, candies – lots of candies, gifts and I was always surrounded by the people I love. People that made me feel home. As a child, grams and I had a tradition, every year we would bake cookies and gingerbread houses and listen to Christmas songs all day long.

The new tradition

This year a new tradition is born. My childhood friends and I, are traveling to London to spice our Christmas spirit up some more at Winter Wonderland. I’m so excited! And every year from now on we will travel abroad to visit a new Christmas Market. In the future when we have our own little families we will continue traveling together and hopefully our children will pass on our tradition to their children.

The new hair

Even though there’s no snow yet here in Oslo, I still feels like Christmas! Even the photo above of me standing in front of a carousel at Jul i Vinterland, shows you so! As you can see, I colored my hair again. The dark brown hair color has now turned into a honey warm caramel bronde, thanks to Affi behind Fine Frøkner. I love changes! And I love the holidays!