HUGO BOSS cordially invited me to celebrate the opening of the new BOSS store in Oslo. Drinks, food, chocolate and a very own artist who painted me on a piece of paper was on the menu. New and familiar faces were present. Loud music, laughter and people talking in the background was the sound I was surrounded with. Great friends and a beautiful collection completed the night. I was wearing an elegant dress from Zaful. It can be found here.

It feels so good to finally be back on track. I bought myself a new lens the other day so I won’t have to feel like it’s a hassle to bring my Canon Mark 5D everywhere due to its size and weight.

So here’s a quick update from my side: Still busy with work and am currently in Tromsø. We’re still working on completing the blog design. I know it’s taking ages. I also have a few blog posts to publish from recent events I have attended. And on Monday I’m leaving for Cappadocia, Turkey to collaborate with Elika Caves Suites Hotels. Another hotel review I cannot wait to write about!