Farewell Frustration

Last freelancer ultimately failed me. It's frustrating when you have big plans for your future and people you depend on don't do their part of the job.

Along the way, not only did I loose some of my deepest and sincere blogposts, but I also couldn't access my own website.

Loosing something that I have put my heart and soul into made me angry - I even played with the thought of leaving regardless of how far I've come. But it was just my frustration speaking.

As soon as I realized that I was consumed by negative thoughts, I went to search for someone who could help me re-built and re-launch


Happy, Proud and Content.

Thanks to Marusca.Design, that's how I feel about the new improved blog. Gabriel, a young passionate Web Developer & Designer from Cluj-Napoca, Romania spent two weeks creating this incredible highly functional responsive website.

It was a pleasure working with Gabriel. He was not only focused and dedicated to this project the entire time, but he was also being patient with me and my pickiness. He gave me his professional feedback and suggestions which led to a beautiful website.

Gabriel, you are one of a kind. You have my word. I look forward to working with you again. 


The last solution

There was something strange with my old domain, leaving me with two choices of either keeping it with limitations or leave it and start fresh with a blank page. The decision was tough, but I decided to choose the latter.

Since I'm known as thestrawberrybrunette, changing alias might damage my brand. So I held on to it by removing its first three letters to get a new feel to the blog.

Gabriel helped me export some of my files from the old blog so this one won't look empty. All my hotel reviews are also here with new powerful features.



STRAWBERRY BRUNETTE is now live with a new and improved look and feel. The hotel section is the one I'm most proud of.

Now, I can continue to write hotel reviews with all these cool features. It's professional and has everything I need to make a great review - it makes me look forward to discover more unique luxury hotels around the world.


I've been traveling frequently to Trondheim because of my job. I promised to share what I've been up to this year. But as of now I'm putting that on wait until I find a suitable photograph for that blogpost.

I hope you liked the new look. I cannot wait to start blogging again!